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Starburns Industries features a state-of-the-art audio booth designed and created from the ground up by the same team responsible for the recording studio at Skywalker Ranch. The completely soundproof recording space is used for casting, voice-over, automated dialogue replacement (ADR), podcast recordings and commercials.

A 360 square-foot control room features two Avalon pre-amps, two Focusrite Dual Mic Preamps, and four DBX Compressor/Limiters. The recording station includes ProTools HD for high bitrate, multi-track digital recording. With plenty of room and seating for directors, producers and support staff, the room also includes a flat screen monitor for viewing ADR sessions or watching reference footage.

The 200 square-foot recording studio was designed to accommodate one to eight people. We have a variety of hand-picked, high quality microphones including two Neumann 87s, two Neumann 103s, spot mics, high-quality headsets, and a flat screen monitor for VO recording.

In addition to our recording services, Starburns Industries offers a full range of post-production services from re-mastering and mixing dialogue, to Foley recording or Walla sessions. Our engineers can be present to assist with casting sessions, ADR or any audio project needs. We can also provide access to our comfortable green room, reception area and conference room space. A full range of support services including catering and craft services are also available upon request.

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Voiceover / Audio
Animation Services


The most valuable attribute of 3D printing is repeatability.   Any printed model can be scaled and perfected for mass production at a much faster rate than using traditional production techniques.  Creating exactly the same shape and color easily is highly valuable for animators and designers alike.

Rapid prototyping at Starburns Industries is suitable for everything from stop-motion animation miniatures, to consumer product design.   Our studio can turn around any design in a matter of hours.  3D printing is perfect for creating intricate, hyper-realistic facial features or more commercial designs, and the digital fabrication lab is equipped with everything needed to design and create objects through three-dimensional modeling in a climate-controlled environment.

EQUIPMENT:  Our Rapid Prototyping facility is centered around the ProJet 660Pro, which can generate stunning full-color prints from any computer model. Using a CMYK full color model, this printer produces vibrant objects with amazing accuracy and consistency.  The machine is capable of printing miniature features with accuracy down to 0.01 millimeter.   Any un-used material is then recycled, producing a more economical and earth-friendly finished product.  The ProJet 660Pro efficiently constructs models and prototypes for all types of projects and the finished product is robust and resilient.

In addition to the hardware, Starburns has a team of technicians and modelers ready to create any imaginable design and turn it into a real object.  Our knowledgeable staff can manage the entire process from design to execution.

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The Starburns Castle provides stages for live action and stop motion animation, and production offices. 

Convieniently Located right off I-5 in Burbank, California, Starburns Castle is dedicated to providing a space for the production of the most cutting-edge in comedy, music and art.

Starburns Castle is also available for private rental and shooting. Please send inquires to



Starburns Industries can help corporate clients and ad agencies add depth, humor and creativity to any project with assets ranging from simple animated GIF info-graphics, to more complex animated shorts. Using animation can help describe a vision, idea or product in an entirely new way. Adding animated elements to traditional live-action pieces can help spice them up as well. Key members of our studio team have experience creating attention-grabbing viral videos like this.

Whether it’s for product narration, corporate training, PSAs, sports animation or TV video production, Starburns Industries can help you create unique, affordable and sharable new media of any kind.

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