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COVID 19: A Note From Starburns Audio CEO Jason Smith



This is Jason Smith, CEO of Starburns Audio, and co-host of The Cliff Dorfman Show


At SBA, we have two goals during the global Covid 19 crisis.


The first is to continue to put out the content you love and bring a smile or moment of levity into your home, in a responsible socially distant way of course.


The second is to take care of each other. 

Our podcasters, our employees and our listeners.  


Starburns Audio recently partnered with Comedy Gives Back on Laugh Aid, raising over $368,000 to support Stand Up Comedians who are unable to work due to Covid 19. 

Now, we would like to help one of the sectors of this country who are among the hardest hit.


Our service workers.


I grew up in Reno, where most people are in the service industry, most of my family and friends are in the service industry. My wife is in the service industry. We know first hand how difficult it is to navigate unemployment.  We’ve seen several people get denied for undefined reasons, and with the unemployment offices overwhelmed, there is little hope of getting speedy assistance. For them, this isn't only about covering rent.  It’s about paying for food and basic necessities.


To that end, Cliff Dorfman and I are collecting donations and giving 100% of the money raised every day to Service Industry Workers in need.


If you are a Service Industry Worker in need of financial assistance, please contact us via the form below and tell us a little about yourself and how you've been impacted by Covid 19.


 If you are able and wish to donate to help Service Industry Workers, click the button below, or Venmo your donation to @starburnsaudio with the subject "Service Industry Donation".

Thank you, stay safe, and take care of each other. 

We are all #InThisTogether.




Jason Smith                 

CEO Starburns Audio

Contact Us

If you are a service industry worker in need, contact us by filling out the form below

Thank you!

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