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Taika Waititi & Mark Gustafson To Direct Michael Jackson Chimp Pic ‘Bubbles’

On 10, Feb 2017 | In Featured, Press & News | By

Taika Waititi has signed on to direct Isaac Adamson’s Black List-topping script Bubbles, about Michael Jackson’s famous pet chimpanzee, alongside co-director Mark Gustafson.

Andrew Kortschak and Walter Kortschak of End Cue will produce the stop-motion animated feature with Dan Harmon’s Starburns Industries, alongside exec producers Adamson and Lee Stobby. Rocket Science is handling international sales for the title and shopping to buyers at the European Film Market in Berlin, while CAA is handling U.S. rights.

The original and offbeat coming-of-age story will be told in the vein of Starburns-produced Anomalisa, which was nominated for the Best Animated Film Oscar after it caused a stir at the 2015 Toronto Film Festival and was snapped up by Paramount.

Waititi and Gustafson couldn’t be a more perfect fit for such a project: Multihyphenate Waititi, who received an Oscar nom for his 2004 live-action short Two Cars, One Night, has worked on projects including Eagle vs. SharkWhat We Do in the ShadowsHunt for the Wilderpeople and TV series The Inbetweeners. He is currently directing Thor: Ragnarok.



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A Star Is Roleplayed: How Dungeon Master Spencer Crittenden Became the Lord of Harmonquest

On 26, Aug 2016 | In Press & News | By

You can be forgiven for thinking that the new show from Dan Harmon, creator of Community and Rick and Morty, might come off as niche. Available on the new comedy streaming service Seeso, Harmonquest features comedians playing Pathfinder — a tabletop role-playing game similar to Dungeons and Dragons — in front of a live audience and behind a table furnished with character sheets, snacks and myriad colorful dice.

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SDCC 2016 Booth #3917 is the Place to Be with Animals, HarmonQuest, Party Legends, Anomalisa, Feral Audio and so much MORE!

On 14, Jul 2016 | In Press & News | By

Starburns Industries is heading back to San Diego this year, once again as the occupants of Booth #3917 — and we’re bringing the goods to Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of SDCC!

Make sure to check this post for any updates/changes to our schedule!

Find our schedule below:


Click image to enlarge!

From Starburns Industries (Animals, Anomalisa, Rick and Morty), comes a Hall H live podcast recording of unparalleled precedent! Podcast pioneer Dan Harmon (Harmontown, Community) brings to the stage some of his best known pals from the fiercely independent Feral Audio network, including Duncan Trussell (The Duncan Trussell Family Hour), Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher (Put Your Hands Together, Take My Wife), Johnny Pemberton (Twisting the Wind, Neighbors 2), Steve Agee (Uhhh…, Adventure Time), My Favorite Murder host Georgia Hardstark (Slumber Party), Slumber Party host Alie Ward (Cooking Channel), Doughboys Mike Mitchell (The Birthday Boys) and Nick Wiger (Comedy Bang! Bang!), Jeff B. Davis (Harmontown, Whose Line Is It Anyway?), the smooth men of Beyond Yacht Rock, and more, including a special appearance live via phone by Chelsea Peretti (Call Chelsea Peretti, Brooklyn Nine-Nine). Feral Audio’s General Manager/Creative Director Shawn Kittelsen will moderate the proceedings. Podcast fans, come make Con history with us!
(Hall H)

  • 3PM: SUPER TIGHT and VICELAND Present: Party Legends Live! (Booth 3917)

6PM: OnePlusHub Beer Bust (La Fiesta, 628 5th Ave)



Click image to enlarge!

  • 10-11AM: Steve Agee of Feral Audio’s Steve Agee Uhhh…  (Booth 3917)
  • 11AM-12PM: Dan Harmon, Spencer Crittenden and Jeff B. Davis of Harmontown and HarmonQuest (Booth 3917)
  • 12-2PM: Phil Matarese & Mike Luciano, Co-Creators/Executive Producers of HBO’s “Animals” (Booth 3917)
  • 2-3PM: Nick Wiger & Mike Mitchell of Feral Audio’s Doughboys (Booth 3917)
  • 3-4PM: Duncan Trussell of Feral Audio’s The Duncan Trussell Family Hour (Booth 3917)
  • 4-5PM: Joseph Scrimshaw of Feral Audio’s Obsessed with Joseph Scrimshaw (Booth 3917)
  • 5-6PM: Johnny Pemberton of Feral Audio’s Twisting the Wind with Johnny Pemberton (Booth 3917)
  • 6-6:45PM: Mike McCafferty of Feral Audio’s I Just Want to Talk About Star Trek (Booth 3917)
  • 9PM: SUPER TIGHT Featuring Johnny Pemberton, Cameron Esposito, Steve Agee, & Yung Jake (RSVP @ Booth 3917 for Location)
  • 9PM: Harmontown LIVE (Balboa Theater)


Click image to enlarge!

  • 10-11AM: Zane Grant & Sydney Steinberg of Feral Audio’s Mystic Party (Booth 3917)
  • 11AM-12PM: J.D. Ryznar, Hollywood Steve Huey, Hunter Stair, and David B. Lyons of Feral Audio’s Beyond Yacht Rock (Booth 3917)
  • 12-1PM: Brody Stevens of Feral Audio’s The Steven Brody Stevens Festival of Friendship (Booth 3917)
  • 2-3PM: Duke Johnson: Director, “Anomalisa” — Anomalisa Book Signing (Booth 3917)
  • 3:30-4:30PM: Courtney Pauroso & Corey Podell of Feral Audio’s We Should Have A Podcast (Booth 3917)
  • 4:30-5:30PM: Justin Michael & Jacob Reed of Feral Audio’s Before You Were Funny (Booth 3917)
  • 5:30-6:30PM: Fred Sablan of Feral Audio’s Hour of Goon (Booth 3917)


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Party Legends Trailer: Let T.J. Miller, Fred Armisen, and Margaret Cho Tell You About Their Epic Nights

On 16, Jun 2016 | In Press & News | By

Viceland’s new show, Party Legends, will seek to unpeel the mystery of what happens when the party moves to the after-party, and then the hotel lobby. Party Legends features celebrities like T.J. Miller, Fred Armisen, Margaret Cho, Estelle, Alia Shawcat, Dennis Rodman, Earl Sweatshirt, and many others recounting their most epic party stories, with filmmaker Lance Bangs setting their words to animation by Starburns Industries (the people who bring you Rick & Morty).

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The Nice Guys becomes a ’70s animated show in new promo

On 20, May 2016 | In Press & News | By

The Nice Guys is a great throwback not just to Shane Black’s buddy action-comedy films but also to the shining disco lights of late-’70s-era Los Angeles. As part of the marketing push for the film, opening in the U.S. this weekend, Warner Bros. Pictures imagined The Nice Guys as a ’70s cartoon as well.

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