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‘Anomalisa’ Is A Charlie Kaufman Movie Featuring Puppets. Yes, It’s Weird

On 30, Dec 2015 | In Press & News | By

A guy who thinks everyone’s the same meets a gal who’s different. That could be the TV listing for Charlie Kaufman’s extraordinary new film and latest weirdness,Anomalisa.

But that thumbnail description doesn’t get at the weird, and the weird in this film is prodigious.

Start with the fact that in a world that looks otherwise real and natural, the leading man — motivational speaker Michael Stone — and all the folks around him are puppets, which are animated in stop-motion.

And except for Michael, they not only look the same — think crash-test dummies with different clothes and hairstyles — but they sound the same, too. His seatmate on the plane, the cabbie who picks him up at the airport, Michael’s wife on the phone, his 5-year-old son, every staffer at his hotel, the characters in a movie on TV, an ex-girlfriend he gets in touch with — everyone.

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