One of the most buzzed about titles in Venice this year is the stop-motion animation film Anomalisa from Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson, not least because it was partially financed on Kickstarter, raising over $400,000 which at the time in 2012 was the highest amount raised for a film.

The film started as a stage play in 2005 written by Kaufman under the pseudonym Frances Fregoli. David Thewlis stars as Michael, a celebrity motivational speaker who wrote the book on customer service who can no longer cope with the loneliness in his life. He suffers from Fregoli syndrome, “in a metaphorical, symbolic way,” according to Kaufman, believing that every other person in the world is the same person.

Jennifer Jason Leigh stars as Lisa, the singular voice in the crowd, for which Michael falls overnight head over heels for. Tom Noonan miraculously plays every other person, and the mark for Michaels’ wrath.

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