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Toronto 2015: Why ‘Anomalisa’ Is the Fest’s Must-See Movie

On 16, Sep 2015 | In Featured, Press & News | By

It’s a film that blends a surprising realism with a surreal sense of reality falling apart, one herky-jerky movement at a time. Its hero — if you could call the fucked-up pop-psychology author at its center a “hero” — is a middle-aged man with a sagging body who drinks too much, booty-calls up old flames and wears his neuroses on his tattered blazer’s sleeve. There’s explicit sex, profound sadness, jokes about the Cincinnati Zoo and hotel-door keycards, heartbreak, hilarity, and a half-naked Japanese automaton that both sings and spits out bodily fluids. It’s a stop-motion-animation movie with over a dozen different characters — most of which are voiced by the guy who played the ‘Tooth Fairy” serial killer in Manhunter, regardless of the puppets’ ages or genders. It’s called Anomalisa, it’s writer-director Charlie Kaufman’s first feature film in seven years and it’s a strong contender for being the best film playing at the Toronto International Film Festival this year.

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