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A Comprehensive List of Every Rick and Morty Universe So Far

On 08, Sep 2015 | In Press & News | By

Few shows in television history have the scope of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty. For one thing, most shows take place only on our planet. And then, even if they involve space exploration, it’s usually only in our dimension (Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica). Meanwhile, shows that do take place throughout time, dimension, and space (Doctor Who) tend to deal in universes that recognizably resemble ours.

Lucky for us, in this dimension, Rick and Morty exists. Not only do the Sanchez/Smith family’s high jinks extend beyond our planet and dimension, the show switches its standard timeline halfway through season one. This allows us to glimpse into the ways life is both radically and subtly different within alternate realities. We also come to learn that Rick and Morty themselves exist in just about every possible reality — but that this is the only universe in which Rick actually cares about Morty. So perhaps this really is the best of all possible worlds. (Then again, at least in some of those other realities, Beth and Jerry are happy …) Read more

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