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‘Rick and Morty’ Keeps Attention With Small Plots

On 04, Aug 2015 | In Press & News | By

If Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty hasn’t reached total plotlessness yet, it’s pretty close to it. Lacking defined intra-episode plot, however, is exactly what makes Rick and Morty so great.

Sunday night’s episode, “Mortynight Run,” is light on the central plot, allowing several smaller plots to emerge. We don’t even know the primary conflict until the episode is nearly halfway-through: After Rick sells a weapon to an assassin, Krombopulos Michael, so they can spend the day at the arcade Blips and Chitz, Morty feels guilty and goes to stop K. Michael. Rick and Morty crash into and kill K. Michael and then save an omnipotent gas called Fart (voiced by Jemaine Clement of Flight of the Conchords), whom they must return to his world. Meanwhile, they drop off Jerry, who accidentally joined them on the trip, at Jerryboree!, a daycare for all the annoying Jerries across the infinite timelines. Read more

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