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The Playlist: Review: ‘Harmontown’ Explores The Flawed, Brilliant Dan Harmon

On 02, Oct 2014 | In Press & News | By SBI

We’re not sure if there’s been a figure in the history of television quite like Dan Harmon. The “Community” creator has over the past few years become one of the bigger celebrity showrunners, and whose fiiter-free, headline-grabbing antics and rise-and-fall-and-rise again narrative, have seen him become, if not a household name, then a serious cult figure.

Neil Berkeley’s documentary “Harmontown” investigates that cult, and the man who leads it. The film follows the writer taking his “Harmontown” podcast on tour in early 2013, six months or so after he was fired from “Community” at the conclusion of the show’s third season. For the uninitiated, the podcast is a rambling, chaotic, mostly improvised couple of hours that features Harmon, actor/comic Jeff B. Davis, Harmon’s girlfriend Erin McGathy, and Spencer Crittenden, a fan who was picked out of the audience during the tour to play “Dungeons & Dragons” onstage and now serves as dungeon master for a game at the end of every show.

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