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IGN: Dan Harmon Talks Harmontown and Documenting Life Away from Community

On 29, Oct 2014 | In Press & News | By SBI

Now available on VOD/rental and available to purchase digitally on November 4th, the documentary Harmontown follows Community creator Dan Harmon on a tour he embarked on in early 2013, performing his popular Harmontown podcasts live in front of audiences across the country.

This was a very notable time for the writer/producer, as he had recently been fired from Community – with no one, least of all Harmon, ever imagining he would possibly be hired back to the show. In the film, we see Harmon, his co-host Jeff Bryan Davis, his fiancé Erin McGathy and Spencer Crittenden – a Harmontown attendee whose D&D prowess led to him becoming part of the show – travel together, as Harmon deals with impending deadlines for pilot scripts he’s working on, various hiccups along the road and his own insecurities. Intercut with the tour footage are interviews with Harmon’s collaborators, past and present (including the cast of Community, Jack Black and Sarah Silverman; the latter of whom fired Harmon from The Sarah Silverman Show) candidly discussing both his notable talent and his self-destructive tendencies.

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