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Complex: “Harmontown” Star Dan Harmon Wants Millennials to Stop Being So Insecure

On 03, Oct 2014 | In Press & News | By SBI

Dan Harmon is controversial. But that’s stating the obvious. He was fired from Community, his own show, before eventually being re-hired; his drama with his former lead Chevy Chase is no secret; and his stand up work is undeniably offensive. Less obvious? He does have a heart, and his the new documentary, Harmontown, out today, proves that.

Director Neil Berkeley (Beauty is Embarrassing) provides a portrait of Harmon that’s honest, raw, and at times incredibly perplexing. There’s not much the comedian/writer/showrunner hides. He’s showcased as a belligerent alcoholic, a hot mess, but also a comic whose work has amassed a cult following. Compassion is at the core of the film, a side of Harmon not widely seen by the public.

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