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AM New York: Dan Harmon welcomes you to his ‘Harmontown’

On 06, Oct 2014 | In Press & News | By SBI

At the opening of “Harmon-town,” the documentary that captures the nationwide podcast tour of television writer and showrunner Dan Harmon and his crew, he runs through a Cliff Notes’ version of the tours events: Blackout drunkenness, crowd surfing, topless performing (by Harmon) and “collapsing onto a table full of hot wings.”

It sounds debaucherous — maybe not Led Zeppelin destroying hotel rooms, but certainly more hard-core than an Internet show featuring an in-progress “Dungeons and Dragons” game would seemingly warrant. But as the documentary unfolds, what’s shown is less a traveling rock show and more a man connecting to strangers by being as truthful as possible on stage.

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