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Den of Geek: Rick and Morty Season 1 Blu-Ray Promo Features Muppet-Style Rick and Morty!

On 23, Sep 2014 | In Press & News | By SBI

Oh my! A silly new Rick and Morty promo is available on the internet! It’s just an ad for the Season 1 Blu-Ray release (out October 7th)! But the real treat here is that it’s presented by muppet versions of Rick and Morty! And Mr. Meeseeks to boot!! And then we even get some Meeseeks-on the-street, prank-show-style comedy!!! This is one helluva promo, guys!!!! Exclamation point!!!!!

It’s very good to see Meeseeks again because, as noted by Rick, everyone loves him even more than they love Morty (I even made him my number one guy in this Best of Season 1 list). But, man, those are some great muppetesque puppets! Lookit how the eyes move! Surely these puppets will have a life beyond this promo? Will we get a Rick and Morty puppet episode a la Community? Dare I say it might even be a good one this time??? Spread my baseless conjecture like wildfire, internet!

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