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The Dissolve: Harmontown, the documentary about Community creator Dan Harmon, now has U.S. distribution

On 15, Jul 2014 | In Press & News | By SBI

Community creator Dan Harmon isn’t the only television writer/producer to generate intense fan loyalty (Joss Whedon probably still has the edge on Harmon, and Shonda Rhimes has her devotees too), but Harmon’s the only TV auteur who’s turned his relationships with his followers, his collaborators, and his bosses into an ongoing art project. Not only has Harmon’s cult sitcom been wildly meta throughout its run—even during the season when Harmon was fired from the show—but Harmon’s live performances and podcasts have served as one long venting of his frustrations, with show business and with himself. All of that is the subject of Neil Berkley’s documentary Harmontown, which was shot while Harmon was exiled from Community and in the middle of a nationwide live tour.

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