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Den of Geek: Dan Harmon Documentary To Be Released This Fall

On 15, Jul 2014 | In Press & News | By SBI

Harmontown, a documentary that follows Dan Harmon’s cross-country podcasting after being fired from Community, now has a distributor.

F. Scott Fitzgerald famously said that there are no second acts in American life. Even if that’s true, he said nothing about peculiarly intense documentaries fixated on celebrated failure.

Much like Conan O’Brien became the subject and obsession of Rodman Flender’s documentary Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop during his post-Tonight Show cross-country tour, so too has Dan Harmon received a celebratory camera with Harmontown. A new documentary made by Neil Berkeley (Beauty is Embarrassing) directly after Dan Harmon was released from the position of showrunner on Community—leading to the now infamous “gas leak year” that was season four—it follows Harmon taking his rejected act on the road to cities filled with Greendale-believing fans. Named after the “Harmontown Podcast,” which facilitated the vaudeville tour, it included friends and colleagues attending the events including Community star Joel McHale, Jack Black, Sarah Silverman, and more.

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