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The Show You Should Be Watching: Rick & Morty

On 09, May 2014 | In Featured, Press & News | By SBI

I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: The reason this TV column looks different from others is that I’m not much of a “TV Fan” by the current definition of the word. I don’t really do so-called “appointment television” outside of sporting events, and even my DVR viewing is typically weeks behind schedule.

During the week, I’m usually out at movie screenings or otherwise on the road during prime time, and my overnights are spent writing columns and editing videos – during which the TV stays on, but mainly tuned to either news or comfort-food reruns I can half-watch in the background. Especially House, Law & Order, Adult Swim… Lord, how my productivity will skyrocket once FXX’s programming switches over to “The Simpsons, plus other stuff maybe” this Fall. On Sunday nights, while the rest of my Twitter feed is exploding over whichever HBO or AMC drama is The Greatest Achievement In Human History this cycle, I’m usually busy polishing this column or The Big Picture – unless The Venture Bros are airing new episodes, of course.

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