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Film Review: ‘Harmontown’

On 09, May 2014 | In Featured, Press & News | By SBI

Much better known than most sitcom writers, partly for the wrong reasons — notably his frequent clashes with co-workers and resultant firings — Dan Harmon has a die-hard fanbase from NBC’s “Community,” which at one point was saved from the ax by a passionate fan campaign. When he himself got axed from the now-successful show for too many temperamental flareups, Harmon took his own not-quite-standup, not-quite-talkshow podcast on the road to 20 cities — basically in order to feel loved. “Harmontown” chronicles that tour, charting the map of Harmon’s troubled soul (as does the same-named podcast) in a prolonged self-exposure that is by turns aptly amusing, poignant, indulgent and discomfiting. Neil Berkeley’s feature will appeal primarily to the previously converted in home formats and probably limited theatrical exposure.

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