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The Onion A/V Club Reviews: Rick And Morty: “Close Rick-Counters Of The Rick Kind”

On 08, Apr 2014 | In Press & News | By SBI

If someone were to ask me what the appeal of Rick And Morty is, I’d tell them to just watch the damn show already, god, is my word somehow not good enough for you or something, and if it isn’t, why are you even asking me this question in the first place? But if I was in a good mood, I’d stress the show’s wit, its cleverly concealed heart, and its high-concept science fiction brilliance. And I’d make sure to point out how great the writers are at taking familiar ideas and jokes and pushing them as far as they can go without totally breaking them.

Take the premise of “Close Rick-counters Of The Rick Kind.” The cold open has the family sitting around the dinner table as Beth asks Rick if he wants any special treat for the one year anniversary of his homecoming next morning. Rick is passing on the idea of flying saucer shaped pancakes when a portal opens up, a battle damaged Rick and eye-patched Morty pop out; Evil Rick shoots Rick, and Eye-Patch Morty tranqs Morty and they take his unconscious body away.

It’s disorienting to say the least (and trying to write about this episode is going to be no damn picnic, unless it was a picnic full of alternate reality Ricks and Mortys and I think you see my point here), and things don’t get any easier when the following scene picks up seemingly where the previous one left off; it’s the next day, and Beth has made Rick his anniversary breakfast. As Rick realizes that all pancakes are flying saucer shaped because, oh right, pancakes are circles, a trio of armed, uniformed Ricks show up through a new portal and arrest Our Rick on the charge of Rick-icide.

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