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Rick and Morty 1.10 Review: “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind”

On 09, Apr 2014 | In Press & News | By SBI

One of my favorite elements in Rick and Morty is the cartoon’s ability to poke fun at the science fiction genre while keeping the design and comedy completely original. It keeps the show really fresh and honestly unique by making “hard sci-fi” plots easy to understand and enjoy. The show feels really simplistic and thus far has been dependable week after week where I know that I’ll get a solid episode filled with plenty of laughs and some fun sci-fi.  Last night’s episode, “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind” was another home run for the show that took viewers into a dimension that is run completely by Ricks and showed us just how out of hand that situation can become.

It’s Rick’s one year anniversary of returning to the family so Beth makes him flying saucer shaped pancakes. Out of nowhere a green portal opens and an evil looking Rick and Morty with an eye patch step out kill Rick and kidnap Morty.  The opening definitely grabbed my attention with that but of course we see this was an alternate dimension and our Rick and Morty, who, for this article, will be referred to as “main” Rick and Morty, are still alive. Another portal opens up in main Rick and Morty’s dimension and multiple different looking Ricks emerge to take main Rick and Morty to face trial in front of “The Council of Ricks.” It turns out all other versions of Rick have come together to protect themselves from any intergalactic threats (brilliant). 27 different Ricks have recently been murdered and their Mortys all stolen; the council believes main Rick did it because he is a rogue of the bunch. Main Rick has coincidentally been do each of the exact timelines and locations that the murders have taken place. Things didn’t look good at this point, but of course we knew from the beginning it was evil Rick and eye patch Morty.

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