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Prairie Nerds: What You Should Be Watching – Rick and Morty

On 14, Apr 2014 | In Press & News | By SBI

Okay, so apparently all of you out there keep saying you love Dan Harmon and Community, yet for some reason that show barely gets over 3 million viewers a week. Well, if you are indeed the Harmon lovers you say you are, then you should DEFINITELY be watching Rick & Morty.


The setup for the show goes like this: Rick Sanchez is a genius scientist who takes his daughter’s family – mainly his grandson Morty – out on zany adventures through time, space and dimensions. As Morty is not as….well, smart, as his grandfather, he frequently ends up becoming the hapless pawn in his grandfather’s schemes, usually ending with him suffering bodily or mental harm.

Episodes usually follow two storylines. The A storyline follows Rick’s misadventures and has him drag along at least one family member with him. The B storyline focuses on the rest of the family at home as they are wrapped up in their daily lives such as Beth’s, Rick’s daughter, failing marriage to her husband Jerry. These situations are further exacerbated through the family using gadgets created by Rick that have hilarious outcomes.


If I could come up with a phrase that would attract the most nerds to give it a chance, it would have to be that this show is an insane cartoon version of Doctor Who. Rick serves as an alcoholic version of The Doctor who has a vast knowledge of dimensional travel and numerous alien species while Morty fits the companion archetype who is terrified of the out of this world situations he has been thrust in.

The show also pokes fun at things in popular culture such as people’s love for mind-bending movies such as Inception and dissects science fiction tropes that have been covered in other series like The Twilight Zone and Jurassic Park.

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