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IGN: Rick and Morty Season One Review

On 17, Apr 2014 | In Press & News | By SBI

Oh, bless you Rick and Morty. So funny. So foul.

And thank the interdimensional sex-bots of Gazorpazorp that this great series, from Justin Roiland (who voices both Rick and Morty) and Community’s Dan Harmon, managed to find itself a nice-sized audience on Monday nights and has been granted a Season 2.

When the show first started back in December, it came off as a fun, twisted play on Doc Brown and Marty McFly’s relationship from Back to the Future. And for a few episodes after the pilot, it was clear that spoofing famous sci-fi movies (Jurassic Park, Fantastic Voyage, Inception, etc) would be part of the show’s DNA. Not the absolute height of creativity, but Rick and Morty still managed to do very funny, original things while riffing on cinema classics.

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