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Digital Journal Review: ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 1

On 14, Apr 2014 | In Press & News | By SBI

As the first season of Dan Harmon (Community) and Justin Roiland’s (House of Cosby’s) new cartoon ‘Rick and Morty’ comes to a finale Monday night, we take a quick look at what has made this original new toon so captivating.

The 11-episode season shows the wacky and zany adventures of a somewhat typical human family fostered by super-scientist grandfather, Rick. However, this is not your typical dimension traveling, space flying, super genius, cliche of a grandpa. Rick and Mortycontinually pushes toward the absurd. Rick’s intelligence and inventions come with a drinking problem and sizable ego leading him Into extreme situations, like confronting a whole society formed by versions of himself from alternate dimensions. In episode nine, “Something Ricked This Way Comes,” he finds himself in open competition with the devil.

The Devil: “Seriously, I may be the devil, but your grandpa IS ‘the devil’. I just want to go back to hell where everyone thinks I’m smart and funny.”

The Devil: “I was Zuckerberging people before Zuckerberg’s balls dropped, I’m the devil beatch!

Rick has a soft spot for his spunky and less than genius grandson, Morty. Allowing Morty to explore his own adventures, and in episode 7, “Raising Gazorpazorp,” buying Morty his very own sex robot. What happens when a love potion brewed by your grandfather crosses with the flu, turning the population into man-eating bugs? Just hop on over to another dimension where your alternate selves die in an explosion, bury them in you back yard, and assume there lives. Rick’s stern demeanor is complimented nicely with Morty’s benevolence and innocence.

In “Rixty Minutes,” Morty’s sister Summer is struggling with the fact that she was an accident.

Summer: “Morty, no offense, but a drawing of me you made when you were eight isn’t going to make me feel like less of an accident”

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