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On 04, Apr 2014 | In Press & News | By SBI

Spoilers Below:

If you didn’t already hear the word on the street, Community decided to do another animated episode, and this time it was a spoof of the old G.I. Joe cartoon. This would be a good time to warn you, the reader, that I was a huge G.I. Joe fan. Not just the animated kids program, but the action figures as well. I owned almost every single one. In fact, before Kenner’s re-release of Star Wars figures in 1995, G.I. Joes were my number one go-to toy. Before I geeked out with my nerd self.

To illustrate my enthusiasm, when this episode began, I literally blurted out, “I’m so f***ing excited!” to my girlfriend, or whoever would listen.

“Babe. Babe!” I said, tapping her during the opening sequence. “Did you see that vehicle? I had that one!”

Her only response, uttered in a quite apathetic way: “Can they even do this?”

Well, legally speaking, they can, because obvious copyright infringements get thrown out the window when the creator of G.I. Joe, Hasbro, gets directly involved in the episode’s production. In addition, they also used some of the series’ actual, original voices.

The show began with an introduction of the cast as their respective faux Joe characters. Joel McHale was “G.I. Jeff,” Gillian Jacobs was “Buzzkill,”  Danny Pudi was “Fourth Wall,” Yvette Nicole Brown was “Three Kids,” Alison Brie was “Tight Ship,” Jim Rash was “Vice Cobra Assistant Commander,” Ken Jeong was “Overkill,” and Jonathan Banks played a dude named “Major Dick.” John Oliver also played someone, but I didn’t catch his name, nor did I desire to go back and check it.

In the episode, the study group performed their G.I. Joe duty by pursuing Destro. But when Jeff shot holes in the villain’s parachute and caused him to plunge to his death, he suddenly found himself on trial. As the episode continued, so did Jeff’s random flashbacks acting as peeks into his past, and hints that he came from a Cobra site called Greendale.

When G.I. Jeff returned to Greendale, he found out that it was actually a school where he was a student-turned-teacher named Jeff Winger. He also realized that this whole cartoon was just a dream, because the real Jeff had passed out after downing a fifth of scotch and numerous “youth pills” on his birthday.

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