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Animation World: Justin Roiland Reflects on Season One of “Rick and Morty”

On 15, Apr 2014 | In Featured, Press & News | By SBI

Prep your portal gun, people – the season finale of Rick and Morty is going to be one heck of a party.

After a whirlwind debut season filled with sex robots, testicle-covered aliens and Cronenberg-ed characters, the celebrated Adult Swim series is bringing it home with what looks like a mind-bending kegger.  For Executive Producer Justin Roiland – who came up with the characters while parodying Doc Brown and Marty McFly at parties – the real thrill has been seeing his creations break free of their Back To The Future-inspired roots and develop their own identities and following in less than six months.  With their first round of off-color adventures coming to a close and a second season already in production, Roiland takes stock of the sci-fi shenanigans and dark humor that helped make Rick and Morty a hit, while offering some insight into what proved to be the show’s most disturbing sequence thus far.

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