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The Onion A/V Club Reviews – Rick and Morty: ‘Rixty Minutes’

On 18, Mar 2014 | In Press & News | By SBI

Wait, this could be interesting.

When I was 10, I spent a lot of time at the house alone, and while I would read and play video games, there were times when I just sat in the living room and watched TV. For hours. I never watched a specific show, because this was usually a Saturday or a Sunday and nothing was on. So what I did was I channel surfed. For, again, hours; up and down the dial (although there was no dial, and we had maybe a hundred channels), sometimes sticking on something for a few minutes, sometimes jumping away immediately. I was honestly proud of this, for some reason. I would tell people about it. I’m telling you about it. But what I remember most wasn’t getting any real pleasure or happiness or anything actually satisfying out of watching. What I remember is that it was like a signal in my head was being blocked; all the random terrors and stresses and resentments and self-awareness was jammed out, and instead there was just the endless possibility of what might happen next. I didn’t expect to find anything worth watching. The process was the point. Keep switching. Don’t focus. Move on.

Move on. “Rixty Minutes” is the first Rick And Morty episode that doesn’t really have a plot. Did you catch that? There’s a premise: Rick gets sick of regular TV and upgrades the family cablebox to let them see any possible channel in any possible reality. When Jerry gets a glimpse of another him on the Late Show With David Letterman, he becomes obsessed with learning more about alternate Jerrys—and when Rick explains that everyone in the family has an alternate, Beth and Summer also get curious. So Rick gives them a device that will let them see through the eyes of their other selves, while he and Morty stay on the couch, changing channels and seeing what crazy shit they can find. Rick has never really shown much interest in what might have been, but it’s surprising, and important, that Morty is right there with him. There might have been a point in Morty’s life when he wanted to know about other Mortys. But not anymore.

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