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Dan Harmon Ponders a ‘Community’ Movie at Paleyfest

On 27, Mar 2014 | In Press & News | By SBI

While the fate of NBC’s “Community” has never been certain — the comedy is reaching the end of its fifth season with no official renewal yet — creator Dan Harmon and the cast expressed hope for the “six seasons and a movie” goal Wednesday at Paleyfest in LA’s Dolby Theatre.

“It’s happening,” yelled Gillian Jacobs, on a pending sixth season to screams from the crowd. “Come on!”

“I think we know there’s going to be a sixth season since you guys will probably show up with pitchforks and torches,” followed Joel McHale, referring to the show’s ever-loyal fan base.

Harmon has been open about the possibility of a movie, expressing huge interest to make one, and only recently started to speculate on what it might be like.

“Tonight’s the first night I’ve ever put this much thought into what it would be,” Harmon told Variety. “Following the vibe I’m getting from everyone, it seems like the paintball direction might be the way to go. The actors – they want to do something action-oriented.”

Harmon acknowledged the fact that the show has struggled in ratings, making the case for a movie difficult. It would have to, according to the showrunner, “have a backbone that has action or horror or sci-fi” to work as a standalone film.

“Our TV show’s not that popular,” he said. “If we make a movie, we really have to reinvent the wheel in terms of why someone would watch a movie. My ultimate goal would be for people to watch the movie and to say, ‘I’m one of the 249 billion Americans that have never heard of this show, but holy crap, this movie is crazy and really funny and awesome.’”

The show has certainly been through plenty of changes, including losing fan favorite Donald Glover, and losing Harmon for the fourth season took a toll on the show, McHale said at the panel. The actor made it his mission to get Harmon and writer/producer Chris McKenna back together.

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