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The Onion A/V Club Reviews – Rick and Morty: ‘Pilot’

On 02, Dec 2013 | In Press & News | By SBI

The deal is, Rick And Morty won’t be airing any new episodes until March 10. Blame, I don’t know, blame the Olympics or global warming or the fact that I gave that last episode a B+ because clearly I’m just sick or something. However, because TV Club loves you and I need the gig, we’re going to go back and review the three episodes we missed before picking up the show regularly, starting this week with the pilot. (PEOPLE WHO ARE READING THIS IN THE FUTURE: You don’t really need to know anything I just wrote, since reviews are archived by episode and season, not by date. But hey, that’s free text, just sitting there. How’re things, by the way? Am I still sleeping too much?)

Part of what’s impressive about the first episode of Rick And Morty is how little it plays like a first episode. Oh sure, the signs are there if you look for them, but the story doesn’t start with, say, Rick moving in to live with his daughter and her family, and we don’t get to see the first time he took advantage of Morty’s availability and loneliness to exploit him in a grand quest for science. The cold open plays like a proof-of-concept sketch: A drunk Rick comes into Morty’s room in the middle of the night, yanks him out of bed, and takes him for a trip in his new flying ship. Oh, and Rick has a neutrino bomb which he says he’s going to use to blow everyone up and start over again. (He’ll save Morty and Morty’s crush Jessica, and he’s not going to fool around with Jessica, because he’s not that kind of guy. On second thought, forget Jessica. Not worth the trouble.)

The bomb never comes up again, and, apart from being funny, the scene’s essential purpose is to set up the nature of the two leads’ relationship without overtly saying, “Look, this is the nature of this relationship.”

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